How Bittrex Bot Functions?

Bittrex is a new automated Cryptocurrency trading platform, leveraging intelligence software to enable users for the first time to secure, monitor, exchange and monetize their own cryptocurrency under their own terms and conditions. Bittrex is designing the automated trading platform, establishing a property right for users over their own currency and investments, while enabling users to access powerful, precise, and progressively perfecting data assets and live feeds under a new trust and relationship between automation and artificial intelligence.

How we do it?

Every user is assigned individual automated trading platform which are intelligent and cognitively powered bots that operate on behalf of their users. These bots are continuously aware not only of themselves, but of the changing states of the information around them giving you an unprecedented level of live feeds, opportunity and security. We feed you to set the terms and conditions for how your bots operate, what they learn and what they don’t learn, what they trade, what they don’t trade, how they trade it, and what you get in exchange for trading.

As the bots continuously learn from artificial intelligence by seeing how data is analyzed and work goes, studying the cause and effect relationship between each step, they reverse the graph to automatically discover, qualify and negotiate individually tailored opportunities, offers and deals with other traders on your behalf. They combine and discombine individual live feeds to create new profit opportunities. Tracking, measuring, altering and rewarding each opportunity as it is created along the information supply chain. And as they combine and discombine, aggregate and separate, every trader has independent assurance that their privacy and their terms and conditions are continuously adhered to.

Because when you know what’s happening, you can trust what’s happening and when you can trust what’s happening, you can contribute to the opportunity that gets created along the way. And then from one trader to another, everyone has incentive to trade more.

We are all traders and with Bittrex Bot you’re free to trade because for the first time that always has been yours, is now actually yours.

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